What Next When Dreams Fade?

What next when dreams fade?
Hmmmm… The irony of life is inconsequential to the effort placed on its parameter. Life is a tussle that burst ones hustle intermittently. It is a rat-race in a cat environment. Due to its topsy-turvy nature, it could be told that one can easily forget ones dream if such one is not dogged or rugged. Life is like the sides of a coin – mayhem or laughter.
Life is a teacher one needs to learn from,
a constant reminder of its vicious traits.
Life is an ocean; swim in it.
Life lays stone to your breakthrough,
climb its rungs to get there.
Life is a blessing in disguise;
don’t be fool by it’s hocus-pocus attitude.
Life is an opportunity; grab it!
Life is a lesson not guaranteed of success.
Life is a philosopher,
what is your philosophy about it?
Life is full of ‘ships’ with people- do you have one?
Its full of chips and chirps.
Life is an experience, learn from it, do not be the prey!
Due to the changing occurrence about life, the question before us states what next when dreams fade?

In this world of pent up feelings, the tendency to fulfill dream is an herculean task if one does not take the bull by the horn. Your dream is your future, your future is your dream. Your dream is your life. Your dream is the essence of your being, it is the purpose you are in this ‘market’ called life. Your dream is your passion. Your dream is what makes you unique and different from the billions of people on planet earth. Your dream is you. Its importance can’t be quantified. When you dream big you achieve big that is the power of your dream. As long as you can conceive and perceive it you can definitely achieve it. When your dreams fade the whole universe begins to give you what you don’t need or want. You begin to live someone else’s dream.

What next when dream fades? When dream fades your essence becomes irrelevant, you are a ticking time bomb ready to explode at the slightest opportunity. The situation that surrounds your existence will not hamper your dream if you don’t allow it. Your background is not even the determinant factor. The choices you make as regards that dream should be a good motive to spur you into achieving your desires. Without dreams you are definitely chewing with a sore tooth.

What next when dreams fade?

1. Frustration:
The beginning of insanity. Everything and everyone, anything and anyone frustrates you because you are agitated and helpless since the reason for your existence is thwarted. Your lack of purpose leaves you disappointed, unhappy, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled.

2. Depression:
Depression according to chambers dictionary is a mental state, either organic or circumstantial, characterized by prolonged and disproportionate feelings of sadness, pessimism, helplessness, apathy, low self-esteem and despair. When dreams fade, depression is inevitable.
“A lot of people don’t realize that depression is an illness. I don’t wish it for anyone, but if they would know how it feels, I swear they would think twice before they just shrug it.” Jonathan Davis

3. Dejection, rejection and regression: The state of feeling lonely and empty.

4. Regret: The ‘had I know’ syndrome comes to play at this stage after leaving what should have been done in the morning for the evening.
5. Pressure: You succumb to pressure
6. Suicide: The perfect assassin, the way out for the guilt and shame.
7. Hope: When dreams fade hope shatters. All of you fades like a jade.
8. The inevitable – death!

In conclusion, whenever life throws stone at you be strong and don’t give up. Keep your dream alive because you are destined for greatness.

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