From my heart of heart write this to you
You who is the sun that brightens me up
Your presence alone gave me reasons to smile
I won’t forget in a rush your kindness
To be honest, your presence kept hope alive.
You became my strength in weakness
You became the pillar on which I rested.
You don’t have to do what you did,
but you did and that I am glad for.
Thanks for your unselfish display
Thanks for the love, care and giving ways
I don’t deserve it, yet you made me special
Unconditionally you gave beyond measure
For this I say a big thank you
These words seem not sufficient
to confess my profound gratitude
Yet to you I say thanks in magnitude
For your hospitality and magnanimity
Thanks for brightening my world
With words so encouraging.
Words powering and motivating;
words so productive and informative.
Thanks for brightening my world
With nature’s bliss and fill
Death must be mard to think
snatch me through the webs of sickness.
Your ever presence and kind gesture
Made me won death thrice not once.
Thanks for this dearest one
You are an angel so meek and gentle
In you I found that angels
don’t have to have wings to be kind
Angels can’t do more than you did
To the one who has heart of a dove
Harmless and full of kindness
To you I say thank you.
Thank you for been the sun
That shines on my cloudy days
Thank you for been the light
At the end of that monstrous tunnel.
You are a rare gem of inestimable worth
You are far more precious than rubies
you are the beauty that beautifies me
Truth be told, you are my miracle
Thank you! Thank you my dearest one

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.