Children are an heritage from the Lord, blessed is the man that has his quiver full of them. They are wonderful gifts from God, the best gift there is to possess. When taken care of and trained in the fear of the Lord, they are great investment, achievement and the pride of many nations. That is why we are admonished not to spare the rod when it is deem feet because if you do spare the rod you spoil the child.

The importance of children cannot be over-emphasized since they hold the key to the future. For a child to have a sound mind, the training starts from cradle. Frown at what is bad that they do, teach and motivate them on that which is right according to God’s dictate.

Spare the rod spoil the child should be a verse of reproof and that of caution in your heart as a parent or guidance because the consequence of neglect is tantamount to the destruction of such a child. If you want to reap bountifully and rest in your old age, then train up that child in the way he should go so that when he is old he does not depart from it. To avoid regrets, grievous repercussions and assaults by this tender cradles who has the power to turn villains, monster of delinquent and an emblem of shame and disappointment in the nearest future, parents must take the bull by the horn, use the rod when it is essential, talk when it is significant and camouflage when it is necessary.

We are the architect of their future.  Your design determines the structure you get at completion of that dream house. You want your Samuel to be obedient and fruitful? Play your part! You want Daniel to stand the test of time? Do the needful of great and positive impartation, meditation, and guidance. The place of prayer and intercession should not be taken for granted neither should the rod of training or correction be spared.

Children are truly the leaders of tomorrow if parents and respective guidance mend the holes, realizing that the young mind of a child is a ground that must be cultivated, fertilized and channeled towards the actualization of its purpose and not for the attainment of thuggery or arsenal. If you refuse to train your child in the right part at home then the training will be given from the outside; positively or negatively! The choice is yours, you spare the rod now or spoil the child, the actual truth remains that there is a reward that comes with this responsibility, fame or shame! Love or hatred! Pain or gain! Rest or unrest! The choice at the end of the day is yours!

When you spare the rod it only leads to destruction of the child. As a parent you have the choice to ensure the future of the child is secured.


  1. Use positive words. Some guidance and parents have destroyed the destiny of their children by the negative things  they say to them. Learn to use positive words on a child. Whatever name you call them is what they’ll surely bear.  Correct the child in a language the child will understand. Let them realize when they make mistakes, when they portray bad attitude or show bad behavior let that child know by talking positively in a calm way.
  2. Introduce the rod when necessary
  3. Discipline via punishment [Ground the child]
  4. Juvenile Home: When the case is extreme take the child to a juvenile home.
  5. Don’t forget to Keep praying and interceding for the child. It is never too much
  6. Lead by example.
  7. Never neglect the child
  8. Don’t nag or complain
  9. Build Trust and confidence. Let your child trust you
  10. Have time for them
  11. Listen to them when they talk
  12. It is important you let them have their space when they crave for one. Don’t be too clingy!
  13. Know their friends
  14. Be their friends
  15. be their role model


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