This category is created out of the passion for poems. Poems are ways of expressing one’s inner feelings imaginatively. It is a creation of inspiring beauty.  Readers will be able to read poems that are inspiring, and motivating from this category.

Our poems are on love, romance, spiritual and politics, sadness and happiness, hurt and pains etc.

Poem is a literary composition, typically, but not necessarily, in verse, often with elevated or imaginatively expressed content, our poets and poetesses are determined to ensure you get the best at all times.

Be inspired, be motivated, keep believing. We can because we believe we can.

Don’t forget “in order to change the world, you have to get your head together” Jimi Hendrix

A future abides for everyone

if only you believe.

To feature in that future,

then pray and work hard.

Today determines tomorrow;

while yesterday that of today.

For all to smile tomorrow

your activities today matter.

Waste not time, oh friend

your investment in it today

determines the significance of tomorrow.

let this advice sink in your marrow.

Value all that comes to your path,

help a brother smile,

help a sister come through the mile,

despite all odds never ye part.

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