Just wondering

May 8, 2017 Writersvibe 0

Just wondering, how could this be. You make me really wonder why should this ever be I keep asking why love me so, despite my […]


May 6, 2017 Writersvibe 0

“What is anointing? Why do I need the anointing? What qualifies one for the anointing?” A student asked the teacher with utter confusion. Ever since […]


May 3, 2017 Writersvibe 0

Wailing unheard of heard, Shallow eyes pierce deep into space. Hunters hunt gleefully fearful herd that once had their trust but ‘ever lost Chaos everywhere, […]


April 26, 2017 Writersvibe 0

I have a problem, you may call it challenge. Whatever name given Fine by me. But I’m tired of the bleak I crave for a […]


April 24, 2017 Writersvibe 0

Inexplicable that’s it! This thing that makes me restless Indescribable, so it is. In my heart there is a hole, this hole only you can […]


April 24, 2017 Writersvibe 0

I know aramanda eda kan, Who lives up there. He remains ara kan, The only alara unpredicted down here. He is the unpredictable God. He […]


April 22, 2017 Writersvibe 0

Home, sweet home. Nowhere can ever be like home Home must you one day return For nowhere can ever be like home. Home, sweet home […]