My fantasy and ecstacy
this damsel my peace
think not all this a fallacy
for she my fantasy and ecstasy

She is dark and tall,
an ebony who radiates radiance.
Her presence a statement of intent
she is the very definition of elegance.

Completely fall for this damsel,
who makes this heart skip.
From afar behold her in my cell
cell of wish someday wish to keep.

Her succulent lips wish to kiss
sucking her deeply and passionately,
The blessing thereof mine to keep.
oh babe so tight and light.

She is breathtaking and finely curved
beauty to behold like the dusk.
In her arms wish to lay
day in day out wish to lock.

Her neck the tower of babel
from her breast wish eat daily bread
let me forever lost in you my dear
for you are as sweet as honey.

Her attention crave for all times,
her presence wish be in loneliness.
From a mile I captivated in her smiles
smiles that makes me yearn for her.

She, thinks of day and night,
at all times her safety prays.
Her voice a nightingale
where peace finds when she tingles.

What does one do in this predicament?
in this world of Zee find ease
Yet I conspicuously on mend
since forever broken by her absence.

Judge me not as insatiable,
judge me not as whatever in mind
for I do not understand why this
since tried to leave yet unbent

In her  I find completeness
with her I find me
think of me not less
I’m pierced by the thong of this Rose

My fantasy and ecstasy
this damsel my peace
think not all this a fallacy
for she my fantasy and ecstasy

This babe my fantasy and ecstacy
she is all that I see
this babe my very peace
she is all that I see

I am lost, truly, I’m lost
in this tide of passion I’m totally lost.
Whatever name call it
I am definitely lost in your love.

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.