I have a problem,
you may call it challenge.
Whatever name given
Fine by me.
But I’m tired of the bleak
I crave for a solution
Yes, I need a change.

I have a problem with your mindset

Your mind?
Yes, your mind.

Your mind is a powerful tool
That connects you to the world.
Your mind a power entity,
a great ally or fierce enemy.
In there flows like a flowing river-
forces two that controls you.

In there flows forces two
that controls thought and actions.
Deeds and indeed needs.
What you are
Who you aren’t
The I can,
the I can’t
In there flows in your mind.

I have a problem with your mindset

Your mind?
Yes, your mind.

I have a problem with your mindset
When negative thoughts are all that flows therein.
When think nothing good can come out of you.
When you believe in impossibility
rather than possibility,
in visions blur and black.

I have a problem with your mindset
When in emptiness and nothingness thrive
You with this mindset of lukewarmness
surely, you can’t live your dreams.
And that’s where the problem I have lies – YOUR MINDSET.

I have a problem
You may call it a challenge
Whatever name given,
Fine with me.
But I’m desperate for a change
A change for the perverse youth
who dwells in this world of pent up feeling.

Youth whose mindset are that of weakness
Failure and loneliness
Youth who crave for secession
From the light into darkness
From positivity into negativity.
Youths who have dreams
but make up excuses not to live that dream.

How can we be the future and hope
When short cut to success finds?
Hard work and faith
are the guarantors of becoming a pillar,
a pillar of hope to the hopeless,
a pillar of sparkles and tinkles.

I have a problem with your mindset
When the fire that kept you alive
slowly fades into nothingness.
Don’t forget its all in the mind.
You often see a dream,
often and often.
Again and again
Only to save in the dark
a grave to remain.

Forget not
success never exists in the comfort zone
There’s a hero in everyone
If only you crave for a positive mindset
The mindset of a winner.
That’s when you can be a pillar –
A pillar of change.
A wind of change.

Your mind?
Yes, your mind
That’s where it all starts
It’s all about your mindset people
How successful or how famous
How disdainful or ravenous you gotta be
starts from here – THE MIND.

A single positive thought
allows door to open wide.
Revealing untold possibilities waiting inside
to be nurtured by me and you.

There is no limit
to what the mind can do.
When it is opened and positive
Focused and controlled
It will always bring to us whatever told

From the mind all starts
If you think you can make it,
the ultimate gold your prize.
If you think you are beaten.
Yes, you are.
If you like to win,
but you think you can’t
It’s almost certain you won’t.
If you think you’ll lose, you are lost.
Success begins with your will
And the state of your mind.

For you to be a pillar,
then your mindset must never give in
to the evil forces that come to steal, kill and destroy.
Let your mind be a pillar of strength
A conscious reminder of your being -A champion.

Never forget what happens,
when a pillar collapse
A pillar built on a faulty foundation
Sure shaky, shaky, shaky till collapse.

Be a pillar inside
Be a pillar outside
Be a pillar of trust and respect
Be a pillar of responsibility.
Be a pillar of fairness,
a pillar of love, care and citizenship.

Let this pillar called youth
never decline or fall
But stand forever
by its own firm and well fixed foundation in the light
Be not weary.
Be not tired.
We are soldiers of war
If you give up you’ll be wired.
Stand firm oh pillars
And not be marred.
You are a mountain,
believe in your abilities.
You are a fountain
God of abilities
Is the God of your capability.
Professionalism without spiritualism
is collateral damage.
Be a pillar of righteousness.

Rise, pillars please rise!
For it is time to take place in destiny
Rise, pillars please rise,
and shame the mindset that says you can’t.
It’s all about the mindset
Let your mindset be a pillar
That says you can without FEAR.

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.