Wailing unheard of heard,
Shallow eyes pierce deep into space.
Hunters hunt gleefully fearful herd
that once had their trust but ‘ever lost

Chaos everywhere,
Souls troubled and pained.
In the valley somewhere;
Lays the sepulcher of heroes killed

Parents mourn in agony
Spirit of the spirited traumatized.
In the coven of poverty,
many destinies unwillingly drenched.

Thoughts of the unknown
envelopes with fear and trembling
This is the reality known
In our land of shame and scamming

Children die of hunger.
The innocent even perish.
Depression and anger lingers
Still the innocents haunted in this parish

What need be done? Tell!
We want to be rescued from this hell
Catastrophe drains with zeal and seal
Our hopes buried in sarcophagus

We are products of a perverse state
The elders’ offspring of greed’s creed
What must be done to avert this hate?
For we’re benefactor of their evil seed

How can white be white?
When we’ve been brainwashed
Their lies increases our plight
The blight from this a haunting regression

We are lost in this world
Our reflections are former glory
Since all long lost and gone in fashion odd
Vengeance a must gory story

I sigh in painful boredom
For it thus seems the future bleak
The unborn child lost in this kingdom,
our wealth they’ve totally leaked

The past taunts the future
The present chew on sore tooth
What can be done for the unborn future?
For this ugly picture never must feature

A prayer for this home a must
The souls of the young let’s not lost,
in the fallacy of our unrepentant dust
whose soul in Hades must burn and burst

A prayer must we to our gods or God?
That which will quickly be the judge pray
For this yoke a yoke too heavy to bear
Otherwise our vengeance a gory story
When we make them our only prey

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.