life is a privilege not a right.
Life is vintage call of do’s and don’ts.
Life is choices and decisions.
Whatever dim fit to call life it is
Life is life when you do right or wrong,
whatever rung climb a step to make or break.
Life I smile from a corner at its hues
as it vehemently shines bright and beautiful.
All you call forth to life comes in full
be it curse or blessing dearest.
Your desires power possess to pull through
The wanna be in  life can find in life.
Life is a privilege not a right
Life is a teacher, learn from it.
Life is a lesson not full of roses
Life is a market place,
what transactions are you making?
Life is full of problem,
what solution have you?
Life is like a pencil; soon its hewn down
Life is about choices
make the right choice
Life is a privilege
don’t deprive the less-privilege
Life is as a blossom tree
that brings fruit in seasons
Life is the rising sun from the East
soon set its ray in the bosom of the West
Life is a mountain
with pleasure mount the fountain.
Life is full of history and mystery,
don’t be mystified by the mist
Life is about giving thanks;
give thanks for your situation,
for when you hear another’s
yours just a tip of the ice-berg.
Life is not a right but a privilege,
thread softly, don’t oppress!
All that you are is in time,
address issues with love’s dress.
Many maybe going through the Nile,
disadvantaged or diced in lime,
don’t let the weight pull you down
for behold light at the tunnel’s end.
Your change definitely a must.
Live life calmly and diligently,
for your story your glory.
Life is chaotic and prolific
at the end of this race awaits gold.
There is life after this life
where you spend your end matters.
Don’t let this flint of a minute
derail or incapacitate your mint.
Life is funny, laugh at its pranks
soon it will place you at your rank
At the end of it all,
after your name in fame’s hall
forget not your source.
Pride and ego entertain not
for life a privilege not a right.

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.