How To Draw Closer To God



Many times people see it as a difficult thing to be close to God, some see it as stress and something not necessary. It is very important to know who God is and know what he wants from us. As we know that a son must learn to know his father, his principles, must obey him and by so doing they tend to be closer and love each other. Most times we sing this hymn..”Draw me nearer oh Lord” but we refuse to come closer.To the knowledgeable children and youths especially, learning to be closer to God is vital to our life. I was reading about my pastor, Rev.(Dr.) Akin Gabriel- Adedayo and his lovely wife Pastor (Mrs) Anne-Adedayo how they obeyed God for Glorious Kings Christian Center, then I see that they both use their tender age for God. When I was growing up, I noticed I have this zeal to come closer to God and now a lot has helped me this far. HOW DO I GO CLOSER TO GOD?


This is the first step to take. You shouldn’t be forced to desire the things of God. You might be motivated by someone or from within but there has to be desire. Even if God comes closer and you don’t want Him back, there won’t be an effect.


Prayer is the foundation of every success. If you want to be successful pray over every step, pray for help to bring you closer. With this, He might connect you with someone who will help you. Most times, I have met people who assisted me in things of the Lord I have prayed for and when they came I knew God did.

Spiritual Activities:

The next thing you need is to get connected with things of the spirit. Start from the scratch by going to the GATHERING OF THE SAINTS… A lot of people say it is not by going to church but I keep saying it is the foundation of every successful Christian as we know iron sharpeneth iron. Encourage children to love the church, it is very important. The word of God keeps them growing. Also, study your bible, get Christian articles. Yes, you are not the reading type but try once, twice then you’ll see yourself flying with the help of prayer. In case you don’t know how to read, then get someone who is active in Christ, create rapport, talk about God. This last step really helped. I have moved close to people because I want to know God more and I have seen a lot of people who came to me and we rub minds together.


Try to practice whatever you come across as we know practice makes perfect. Even when you are down, the help of desire, prayer, spiritual activities, getting helpful partners in things of God, having a spiritual leader(s) will invite the holy spirit because one of these mentioned will introduce how to have holy spirit through the belief in our Lord Jesus Christ. Work on these while we talk more next time on how to be closer to God.


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