Home, sweet home.
Nowhere can ever be like home
Home must you one day return
For nowhere can ever be like home.

Home, sweet home
Wherever at, young and old
Home, never sell
Be proud of where you from.

Home, sweet home
In my home many mansion
In my home a king I become
Segregation and delusion
Far from us ‘cus as one thrive

To you strangers in unknown land
Enough of your escapade
Return you to your sand
Where gods thy maid made
Never as strangers art thou treated

Home, sweet home
Creep home and your place take here
For there strange gods curse
Be you not like them of old
Whose captivity a groin so sad they nurse

Why won’t they sing strange songs?
When a stranger thou art there.
Like slaves treated you
None to cure your infected anus
Come home to your linage of ebony

Home, sweet home
If ‘cus of lack left
They went to meet strive
Song of remedy sang then
Before pride adorn their girdle

Let us also strive
To learn from them up now
Let not we strife
For to make home a sweet home
Then as one must we be now.

Be proud of your haven
As one we can make it happen
This is our heaven
Others as pest see us in their den
But here as star up here

Home, sweet home
No matter your stay in London
One day you’ll be done
Then your feet home it begs
Just to step on her father’s soil

Wait not till then
When thy seed a shame face
Since none know not root
A sorry ass face-to-face
With your sons wild and dare

Home, sweet home
Tell me not I tell you not to waka
For strangers all you’ll be
When my home green again
Then to you all we’ll tell waka!

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.