I have heard of kings,
great kings who rule in the affairs of men.
With fist of iron they say.
None dares;
whoever dares wrath faces.
They are mare men intoxicated by power
whose power from you the source of all power.
As it pleases they rule
As they wish acquire
None dare inquire,
whoever inquires is fired.
They proclaim selves as gods
Yes, as gods they live;
surrounding ‘selves with women,
hundreds of women called wives.
These kings with power drunk.
Earthly king in innocent blood swim
Blood of the innocent shed
To appease their lustful heed
The great Oni of Ife,
The ruler of Ife empire
The great Alafin of Oyo,
The ruler of the Oyo empire
The great Obi of Benin,
The great Nebuchadnezzar,
The Caesar of the Roman empire.
All these are earthly kings.
worshiped in fear and trembling
They are honored with kingship glory
Yet, Lord of lords
None of these mortal men
surpass you immortal God.
None of them can stand you
None can withhold your horsewhip
Your glory in thousand-folds
Your honor in a million-fold
Your might in ten thousand fold mightier
Your mercy in zillion fold
Your grace so gracious in fold uncountable.
None of them Eledumare dares your ruler-ship.
None can behold you even in their frightful glee
For you are a consuming fire.
Their fright surpass not yours
whose fright triples their majesty.
Their anger surpass not yours
whose anger can crumble the mountains
Their wrath surpasses not yours
whose wroth can dry up the ocean
In all their doing none perfect
Imperfect king that is earthly king.
They are nothing compared to you
Yes, my Lord none of them
Is worthy to challenge you the challenger.
Your armor of war,
None of them is worthy to lift
Earthly king regrets,
Heavenly king regret never resides.
Earthly king dies
Heavenly king lives forever.
No successor to your throne
No predecessor to your throne
No one born of a woman
Or through Caesarean operation,
can falsify you, even your verification
None Lord can terrify you
Failure can never defeat you
Horror can never evict you
Nothing dares horrify Aramanda orun
If you Lord don’t allow their prowess
Nothing this faulty dust can protest
Dauntless God, nothing they can profess.
For you determine before called forth
If wish the ground let swallow up
Any that questions you the unquestionable.
If you wish Lord,
Let them that disrespect you
Be chastised by the terror of your horror.
Let them be dealt with by the gods
Who taunts with spear of distress
Whatever these earthly kings do
Unknown to them you allow their five minutes malady
You create an atmosphere conducive for their muse to thrive
Any that blaspheme your honour
Let them by the angel of death deal with
For you are not anybody ancestor’s mate
Baa mi, you are not anyone age mate
None therefore, can check mate you
From creation till date
And till the end of time
You king of all kings
Remain the perfect one.
Yes, perfect God
Your holy name remain forever
Let your reign forever and ever
Be till the end of days.

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.