Tomorrow is December
Today is the last day in November.
Helter-skelter run members
Caught in its web of fever

I here in it resides Christmas
The month the messiah born
Without mincing word gaga goes the mass
‘Cos December a knocking with its horn

Tomorrow is December
The easterners on their way home
Efforts from Januarius to Novembre
Villa runs to spray in December

The westerners known for her frivolity
To odo eran runs for bokoto
Can you Imagine cos of December?
The rat race as begun even in Sokoto

Not just in this arena this malady
All over the universe in different family
We run after December graciously
Like a lover gone missing for decades

The shattering and shouting in markets
Makes the deaf to instantaneously hear
In Idumota you’ll see crowd’s pockets
Pour out with enthusiasm over there

Under the scotching sun and heavy downpour;
tons of people vehemently bargain
Sweating profusely waiting for turn
To buy, sell or be bought without gain

All because its December
The month of fury, love and hatred.
Ritualist on the prowl in numbers
419 and kidnappers release venoms greed

Just to celebrate December’s fame
Without sympathy and empathy
The innocent pays with life. Same
that hungers for property without shame

What makes this month colossal?
What makes this month standout?
I have wondered and still ponder
Christmas? Or cos December just so hot!

Everyone blushes at its coming
Some even break banks & closes account
Others stare and watch in the dealings
That erupts without limits on ‘count

Some say its the last month of the year
Others say its Jesus’ birth
What say you dearest seated here
Cos I am still pondering on this mirth

Have you ever been in love?
Where all you do is to please her
Ask Romeo and Juliet this stuff
Truly love must be hush for him to die

So seems dearest December
Since all attention on her ember
Definitely this December a feminine
That erupts like a volcano its essence

She captivates attention of her prey
With her beauty she charms even kings
How are the mighty fallen in her ray
Truly December must be a feminine

Or what think great men of valour?
That are captivated in her web
Its December the songs lure
And you forget all but dance without ebb

Its December, its December
Oh mummy buy shoes for me
Its December, Its December
Infants jubilate ruggedly and raggedly
Truly December must be a feminine

Its the last month of the year
Not time to stare death in the face
Truly its the time for love, oh yeah!
Show love to the hunger’d and defaced

Truly its the season for repentance
Have you won a soul for Him today
Forget not for you became divine less
to pay for all evil’s hold and say

Its December, its December
Forget not the reason for the season
Or let the question from me be
Whats your reason for the season?

To show off or to kill?
To live reckless and abandoned
Or to soberly reflect and heal
From the greatest poison – unforgiveness.

What’s your reason for the season?
Ponder over this my brethren.
Remember without Jesus the glorious Sun
December, oh December just December!!!

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.

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