Death’s horn honking
Tear drops dropping
as the sound of rain drops,
so drops the tears from eye.
For dauntlessly shunned and shamed.

Her vintage raid,
her essence vilified,
the hurt a rage of despair
for she’s desperately anguished.

The Trojan of her villa
are warriors without mercy
They are catastrophe and Dracula
that entwined tirelessly.

She is downcast;
pained and an outcast,
Her essence without license
truncated never mollified

Like a bird without feathers
so without his love
the pains going through
forever a cremated poison

Her soul yearns for him
a breath of him it longs for
a touch of his torchlight it prays for
yet no answer, none to answer

“How long will thee deny me love?
how long will thou keep me waiting?
I learnt the gossamer of an unconditional love
just for me be perfect for you”.

Her lamentation beyond compare
depression in this situation inevitable
Death keeps knocking and lurking
behind she feels death’s horn honking

She seem waste on the mount of holiness
“be fair to them that dares,
forget not the good deeds done
once or twice in thine wandering days”

Death’s horn honking and knocking.
“Never knew waste for his stony heart
forever a possession of another.
her world crumbled when she stumbled
but laughter his leathery weaponry.

The fever never leaves her
for she lives in a dark world
Love thinks not can find no more
no water can quench this thirst of death

I a victim of ennui
entwine in a spiral wilderness
a wilderness of prolific desertion
that her comeuppance since her eggs in a basket

The writings on the wall
but fail her to see
that he’s gone, gone forever
on the wing of another.
never to behold him no more

Now that her world a tumbling
the strength to live no more
for death she awaits with its piercing sword
behind her death’s horn honk and knock

Who will bell the cat?
from the lion that terrorizes her cart.
Now that all seem long gone
nothing can withhold from death’s horror

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.