Dear Diary

Dear diary,

This is my passion within.
Deep down in my heart a hole resides
a hole that seem can’t fill because therein dwells my pains,
pains indescribable and unbearable,
my pain of disappointment called.
Dear diary,
Have you ever wanted a thing?
The more you think its near, the father it seems.
This fragile heart into many pieces
shattered and scattered into a million pieces,
because my appointment a disappointment.
I cry, cried and a crying,
tears deep keep a shedding
since none ready to love me.
In spite my gifts,
despite my abilities and tenderness,
Ebony seem blind to behold
how loving and lovely this me can be.
Dear diary,
I await hope, but hope is becoming hopeless.
It’s an empty street,
It’s an empty house
in this house lies a heart
a heart in which a hole resides.
I had a dream,
in my dream I saw me crying
crying for survival of her.
With a shout I scream
“I need you to survive
wherever you art my darling
because I miss the bright of you”
I behold the heavens,
I gazed upon the dark clouds
hoping for a smile from you,
hoping for you to drench my soul with rains of love.
Your tender touch I pray for
waiting earnestly,
waiting endlessly,
to be loved by you promise me from the start.
When will my hope turn reality?
When will something good come out of things I see?
I need someone to love.
I need someone to care for.
I need someone who will help me know what love is.
Dear diary,
I can’t express this pain in my heart
It is inexpressible.
I can’t describe this pain in my heart,
It is indescribable.
I can’t compare this longing in my heart,
It is incomparable.
Please wipe this tears off mine eyes with your warmth.
I need you more than life,
I need you more than the air I breathe
I need you more than me.
Take a look at me,
take a look at my plight
I cry, cried and a crying
nothing seem to wipe the tears off mine eye.
Nothing seem to take your place
because of you always on my mind.
There is a burden in my heart,
there is a heaviness of heart.
I’m weighed down by your absence my twinkle star.
I miss you.
Sincerely I miss you my heartbeat.
I hope for the day we’ll meet,
when our eyes surely four.
I know not how I shall behave
for like one gaga my joy will be.
In my arms you shall lay
all your burdens I’ll take away.
Nothing ever will come between,
nothing ever will take your place in this fragile heart of mine
In my world you shall surely reside
In this paradise you shall forever dwell with me
meeting your needs here and there.
Forever we shall be,
as one we shall cleave.
In this arm you shall grow old,
with you I’ll grow cranky.
Oh my beautiful angel,
with you my life truly complete.
Yes, with you I know I’m filled
No matter the class,
this heart of mine will forever learn to cherish you.
I heard you are one in a million,
Oh my treasure you are indeed one in a trillion
I’ll live all of my life for you and with you, no one else!
Let’s be like two idiot in love
Forgetting what peeps say.
Forever and ever till death do us part
let’s be Romeo and Juliet.
Dear diary,
this is my plight,
I’ll never stop fighting
until my endless love sight.
I’ll never stop believing
until this Juliet finally meet,
Then our hearts as one forever beat.

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.