Let me introduce you to my beautiful one
my one and only breathtaking one.
Beautiful one breathtaking one
who like the morning sun brightens my day.
Without mincing words,
this beautiful one makes my world
loving, lovely and delightful.
My beautiful one can’t be compared
to any wonder earth can offer.
Truly, in the tempest of all tides
my breathtaking one makes me hush!
My beautiful one breathtaking one
is the fire that burns inside of me,
the glory radiating deep down in my soul
from the crown of my head to feet’s sole
sets me ablaze with fire of desire
Beautiful one, breathtaking one
You’re too breathtaking to behold.
You are like a rhododendron emancipating
from all painful greed and deed
Beautiful one, breathtaking one
so breathtaking as scores of marching warriors
You’re a picture of strength and vitality
the only one to be worshipped and adored.
Thanks to you greatest of all.
You are one in a million,
honestly, one in a trillion.
Be there gods together in a zillion
none can match your awe.
My beautiful one,
words lack I to describe you,
you the universe with words won
your glory I declare above all.
Above all, truly I declare
your Lordship over they
that are the works of mere men,
mere men that worship imperfect gods
Glory to you lord of lords,
honor to you master of masters.
To you my beautiful one,
I will love to the letter
Greatest counselor of all times
I stand amazed at your awesomeness
The mighty one of Israel,
who knows the beginning from the ending
The only one who enthrones and dethrones
Its you alone I salute.
The giver of hope to the hopeless
the comforter of the comfortless
The father of the fatherless
the mother of the motherless
It is you who is worthy to be praised.
Beautiful one, breathtaking one
You are incomparable and unsearchable
To you who was, who is and is to come
To you till eternity I praise in loyalty

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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.