beautiful as the dawn

You are beautiful as the dawn
Oh dark and lovely one
Your smile reminds of the sun
That shines bright on and on

You are a damsel so breathtaking
Your charm captivates vehemently
Dearest one so captivating
Bless the day this world came

The words to describe you short of
Your essence an aura of awe
Oh, how I love you babe prettily tough.
One in a million that’s you

You are a rare gem so true and pure
You are beautiful beyond description
My one and only so ever sure
Your praise will sing to the end with passion

Without an iota of doubt,
You are an angel sent from above.
Let’s rock love’s paradise in and out
Just the two of us ‘ever as one.


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Akinola is a poet, a singer, a teacher, a minister of the word through poems. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about writing and loves seeing people get inspired through his poems and creative write-ups.