“What is anointing? Why do I need the anointing? What qualifies one for the anointing?” A student asked the teacher with utter confusion. Ever since he heard the topic from a fellow student on campus it had forever played on his mind and here was an opportunity to get an answer from his well respected teacher – Mr Johnson, the man with an in depth knowledge on any topic. With keen interest he listened to Mr Johnson who had jolted him out of his reverie with his sonorous voice.

“Anointing,” began the teacher is the power to become and to do. It is the ability of the supreme being (God) that manifests in a genuine child of God. Again he reiterated saying, ‘Anointing is the strength of the believer.’ it is the word ‘extra’ that is added to the word ‘ordinary’ which makes a child of God an extraordinary being.

Anointing is the influence of the Holy spirit working in a person. Without the anointing, the possibility of living a spiritual, fruitful and a life devoid of sin is not achievable.

Richard’s teacher cleared his throat and continued. Power belongs to God, strength belongs to him. For any man to enjoy this ultimate power and strength, the acquisition of the anointing is important.
As a believer my son, you must crave for the anointing because that is the power you need to breakthrough and succeed in life. The teacher said, smiling at Richard, who had been listening with keen interest to
have a satisfactory answer.

“What qualifies one for the anointing?” The teacher asked to confirm the question earlier asked. Richard gave a slight nod.
“To be qualified for the anointing retorted the teacher, one must;
1. Recognize your unworthiness and repent.
2. Be pure in heart.
3.. Hunger and thirst for it.
4. Desire the anointing and have a pure motive.
5. Meditate on the word of God and please God.

Anointing is the highest power of God in a believer to actualize his assigned purpose on earth and the outflow of the Holy spirit through human. Without which, such purpose will be thwarted.
Richard then asked “Is the anointing a divine inspiration of God to fulfill that given purpose for which one is created? “Yes”, without the anointing you can’t possess your position or possession. Mr Johnson replied.

Also, the anointing makes you stand out among your contemporaries.
The anointing is your emblem that protects you and ward off every evil against you. It makes you a superstar and makes people most especially unbelievers marvel at your person. You become a mystery and a wonder to others out there, when you exercise the anointing through your God given potential. One can tell the difference between two singers by the reason of the anointing. One who has the anointing will minister to the needs of the congregation better than the one without the anointing.

Richard who was beginning to feel sleepy, yet thirsty for more knowledge asked why the anointing is needed.

1. It turns you into a new man once you give your life to Christ
2. The anointing transforms you into a demonstration of God’s awesome power.
3. The anointing enables you to have a discerning spirit.
4. It gives you access to mysteries and great revelations from God.
5. The anointing gives you room for expansion.
6. The anointing helps you to break yokes and burdens around you.

Mr Johnson the great teacher asked . “Any further question?” Richard with a big grin shook his head and then clapped thunderously as the teacher left him pondering over this wise sayings.

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